Questions and answers

1.What's your style?

I like to create natural looking photos without involving too much posing. It's important to show people from their best side while still maintaining their uniqueness. I try to be especially careful with preserving natural skin tones while not losing the overall mood.

2.What's the best time of day for a photo shoot?

Early morning with the first sun rays or 1-2h before sunset a.k.a. the "golden hour". Of course, other times of day are good as well, but aforementioned times guarantee more predictable outcome in photos.

3.How many photos will I receive?

A regular photo shoot (up to 1h) will result in approximately 30-40 edited photos. Small event or celebration can turn out to 150-200 photos. The exact amount is always hard to predict because each event can be vastly different, but the amount of photos shouldn't be a reason to worry.

4.How fast will the edited photos be ready?

Photos from a photo shoot will be ready within a week while all other photo editing usually takes 1-2 weeks.

5.Why "milsenti"? What does it mean?

I wanted to find a name that's disconnected from any language and would be more interesting than "", which is why milsenti came to be. The name itself doesn't have any meaning but it was created using letters from my name combining them in a way that sounded the best to me.

6. How can I book a photo shoot, event etc. ?

You can do that by filling in the form found on my website or by e-mail.

Anything else? Go ahead! You can find my e-mail in the "contact me"section. I'll try to answer as soon as possible 🙂