Hello! My name is Miks and I'm a freelance photographer.

Most of the time you can meet me in Riga, but I won't say no to photo opportunities in other places of Latvia and the world. My goal is to create timeless photos that will last no matter if it's a photo shoot, an event or just captures of the city streets. I think that the emotions captured in photos are of utmost importance, which is why I try to stay aside and let the situations and moments unfold themselves in front of the camera.

I picked up my first DSLR in early 2015, but had already made a lot of photos before that. As these years passed, I had many opportunities (with the help of people who gave me a chance) to test my abilities in most photography genres (sports, nature, cars, mass events, street, corporate etc.), while simultaneously learning photo editing on my own. I am also very interested in all the photo gear talk, diving deep in nuances of cameras and lenses. At times it can get distracting but I try to always remember that creativity is the foundation of all best and most interesting photos. I am open to new experiences and knowledge which is why the photos You see in my portfolio aren't the only thing I'm capable of.